Human Resources

Human resources department in our company works in order to be able to be effective in formation of corporation culture in application of total quality philosophy and to provide an environment, which will enhance motivation and efficiency of employees, to be created and in addition to provide technical information by determining necessary policies for maintaining of this.

For this purpose, our objectives are;​

  • To understand and explain growing strategy of the company,
  • By starting out to be a family corporation, to provide relations between employees in this direction,
  • To train staff integrated with objective and strategy of company by encouraging leadership in the company by leaving from classical personnel management,
  • To instill consciousness to people to work every day with the enthusiasm and excitement on the first day far from concern for the future,
  • To provide continuous career opportunities because our middle and senior managers are preferred in general within the company,
  • To give importance to suggestions, ideas and advices of each employee by considering each of them as company partner,
  • Each person has skills; aim of our department is to reveal these skills,
  • Real progress comes not just thinking thoughts in this context be moving at the same time not being a progressive policy of a company can be transferred to the working environment.


Human Resources
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