Our Quality Policy

KAMA PRES SAN. VE TIC. A.S. has succeeded in joining to leading companies in the industry with a product quality that it provides through a flexible method of production according to customers' demand.

Kama is taking customer satisfaction as a principle, offers the products that it produces at TSE standards to important sectors such as  textile, furniture, machinery, and  automotive.

Our Quality Policy

​Principles that shall provide the basis for our policy to provide services in this sector are listed below.

  • To meet customers' needs in time and in the desired manner.
  • To inform our customers through both written technical documents and in verbal in detail.
  • To keep product returns arising from selection mistakes at minimum by ensuring the proper selection in accordance with the expectations of the customers.
  • To support design and development activities to achieve industry leadership and customer expectations.
  • To combine design and R & D activities through flexible production methods, to go into mass production quickly.
  • To fulfill the guarantee requirements of our products without any difficult situation for our customers.
  • Establishing good and strong relationships with our suppliers, to ensure the satisfaction of suppliers and to provide better and more quality products to our customers in this direction.
  • Not to satisfy with maintaining our current situation, to take continuous improvement as the basic philosophy for our manufacturing, staff, suppliers and at every point.